MVC Tutorial

last updated: Feb 25, 2006

This tutorial is published here for review. After review it will be published elsewhere. Publication will be announced on the Squeak developers list. (ca. 1.07 kBytes) (last updated at: Feb 21, 2006).

This archive contains subdirectories. Ensure that these subdirectories are kept when you unzip the archive.

The tutorial uses a small style sheet to add some structure to the pages. It is therefore best read with an internet browser that can use style sheets. (Scamper, the internet browser that comes with Squeak, does not currently use style sheets. This is not an argument against the use of style sheets. We should really try to add support for style sheets to Scamper.)

The tutorial is certainly incomplete, it may also have serious flaws, but it comes with some beautiful examples. I would be glad to receive comments, criticism, advice, additional stuff, ...

(Be warned that a careful examination of the tutorial may take you some hours. A reader that wants to try all the examples will also need some time.)

Other MVC-related resources:

The first publication about the MVC metafor:
Here you find papers written in 1979 by Trygve Reenskaug. The paper from May 1979 describes work that was done at Xerox with an early Smalltalk system. This is not a tutorial, but certainly it is inspiring reading.

A Tutorial written by Steve Burbeck:

A Tutorial written by Stephen Pope and Glenn Krasner:
This was the first really good explanation of MVC. Regrettably, the examples are for Smalltalk-80 and some methods of Smalltalk-80 are not available in Squeak. Nevertheless, I recommend this tutorial.

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