A Morphic Font Editor for Squeak 3.7

This is a morphic application that can be used to edit and to create StrikeFonts.

Download: For Squeak 3.7: MorphicFontEditor.1.cs.gz (31 KBytes) (last updated: Oct 19, 2004)

A Morphic project is needed to use the font editor, it is not usable in a MVC project. (The MVC Font Editor is a different thing, look at MVC Font editor, if you need it.)

To use the font editor, evaluate this statement:

 MorphicFontEditor openAsMorph

This is the font editor: You use the table view to see all glyphs of a selected font.

Font Editor: Table View

To edit a glyph, you switch to the glyph edit view.

Font Editor: Glyph Edit View

You have three tools to edit the glyph:

The four small arrows are used to move the glyph. Use the menu to add or to remove columns, to save your work or to cancel all changes that you made after the last 'accept'.