The Unicode Project -Installation Notes

last updated at: Nov 19, 2003

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Installation of this Unicode support package requires some work:

The rest of this page contains a step-by-step instruction.

Preparation of an Image to Use

A fresh image of Squeak 3.4 can be used as it is.

When you use Squeak 3.6, you need an image that contains Scamper, the integrated internet browser. The 'full image' comes with Scamper. If you prefer to use a reduced image, you have to download Scamper from the Squeak Map.

Before you start using Squeak 3.6, please try to open a HTML-File from within the file list. If Scamper says 'Error retirieving this URL', you have to install this fix: UrlFix1.cs (file size: 1 K)

Downloading archives from

Download this file: (size: 1887 KBytes) This archive contains various resources that are needed for the Unicode project. Most of these resources are fonts.

When you unpack this archive, ensure that directory paths are kept. The archive contains this directory tree, that you should find on your hard disk after unpacking:


Note that some of these directories are empty. They are created to simplify the later installation of language-dictionary readers, more fonts and other add-ons.

Download this file: (size: 394 KBytes) This archive contains change sets that constitute the code that you have to load into a fresh Squeak image.

Downloading archives from

The following files have to be downloaded and stored in the directory SqueakResources/Unicode:

Note that some of these files have slightly different names, which include a version number. Regrettably, you have to rename a file with a different name to the name given above, otherwise the installation script (that is quite stupid) would be unable to find it.

The installation of Unicode support

The installation can take 5 minutes. When it finishes, you have 12 new change sets and an encoding-aware Scamper. You may choose to save the image now.

Installation of the tools

The installation of the tools requires that you have sucessfully installed Unicode support (as described above).

The installation of the tools can take 15 - 30 minutes. Most of the time is spent to compute various indices. After completion of the installation ten change sets and the following applications are added to your image:

Do not forget to save the image to make the tools permanent.

Installation of the Language Dictionaries

Optionally, you may install readers for two dictionaries for indic languages and a Japanese Multilingual Dictionary. Please read the Installation Guide for the Language Dictionaries for more details.