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Here you can download a very preliminary version of Liouville. Be warned: The package is very incomplete. You can use it, but you will see error notifications from time to time. It is also possible that you will occasionally run into problems that you cannot easily debug (As soon as morphic elements are involved, debugging under Morphic can be very difficult.)

Requirements: Squeak 3.7 (full image, Balloon3D is needed)

You can run Liouville both in a Morphic enviroment or in a MVC project.

Files to Download

Installation Guide

  1. Download the files Liouville.sar
  2. Start a fresh copy of Squeak 3.7
  3. Open a file list and select the directory where you stored the sar file
  4. select the file Liouville.sar in the files name view
  5. bring up the context menu of the files name view and select the option installSAR

Please note that the complete installation may take more than 20 minutes on a slow computer.

Additional Remarks:

No update policy is currently implemented.

Known Problems

This package is still very incomplete. The following list of known problems is also incomplete, but I think that the most important deficiencies are listed.

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last updated: Jan 24, 2005