ThirdWay: A carefully modernised variant of MVC

The Model-View-Controller interface is the earliest GUI framework that found widespread interest. It was published together with Smalltalk and it is still available in Squeak. Most Squeak users moved to Morphic, a GUI framework that is both very powerful and very innovative. When compared with Morphic or with one of the commonly used GUI's, the MVC interface of Squeak looks now a bit old-fashioned. ThirdWay is an attempt to bring additional features to MVC.

ThirdWay was developed over a period of serveral years. To verify its useability, I wrote some same applications.

Here are a few examples:

A text style displayer:

A Text Style Displayer

A dialog with a slider window and a stepper window:

A dialog with a slider and a stepper

Two notebook-like windows:

Notbook-like windows

ThirdWay is a carefully modernised variant of MVC. It uses the controllers from MVC but not the views, which are replaced by a hierarchy of windows.

One of the most successful early Smalltalks was the Digitalk Smalltalk V/286. The success of Smalltalk V/286 had many reasons (price of the product, quality of the documentation etc.) but the simplicity of its Model-Dispatcher-Pane framework certainly helped its users to quickly create beautiful applications.

ThirdWay takes these features from various versions of Smalltalk V/286:

Advanced features include: